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    GM Food

    Genetically Modified (GM) foods are produced from genetically modified organisms (GMO) which have had their genome altered through genetic engineering techniques. The general principle of producing a GMO is to insert DNA that has been taken from another organism and modified in the laboratory into an organism's genome to produce both new and useful traits or phenotypes. GM Foods have been available since the 1990s, with the principal ones being derived from plants; soybean, maize, canola and cotton seed oil. (Source)

  • Thema 1

    Would you eat it?

    Before we get started - think about, give and explain your own opinion!

  • Thema 2

    Task: A law about GM food

    The sovereign are the people - and that is the reason why a government commission on GM food has decided not only to hear the opinions of the usual pressure groups before writing up a new law about GM food, but to let them actually write a proposal for the bill themselves.

    You are the spokesperson of one of the these groups (see mindmap) or a person working together with the spokesperson. We will discuss group-membership offline / in class.

    Try to influence the decision making process and the law formation process. Make sure that your interests aren't violated by the law. In order to fulfill this task you need to know and understand what your interests, positions, values etc. are ...

    Add important vocabulary to The GM glossary during research.

  • Thema 3


    Use the following resources to write up your position on the subject. Write key-sentences which you want to have in the bill. Concentrate on the sources given. Use the forum below to upload your documents into this course-room.

  • Thema 4

    Writing the bill

    The spokespersons will now come together, discuss their positions and interests and formulate their proposal for the bill. The stenographer will keep track of the discussion and the results in the law wiki.

  • Thema 5

    Going back to where we started ...

    Without having a look at the first choice - give your opinion again!

  • Thema 6


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